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Getting A Bargain On Your Next DSL Internet Connection

Some of the best bargains on internet can be found – you guessed it – online. One great example is the truly low price of Qwest DSL. With basic service starting at just $19.99 a month, they are among the lowest priced providers around. Unlike many DSL companies, you can actually receive up to 20 Mbps of high speed download service with Qwest without having to pay a great deal for it. Combine their internet with their legendary and inexpensive phone service, and you’ll wonder why you waited to switch your phone and internet providers. But you’ll want to hurry, because these online promotions will not last long. And, you can only find them on the web. With all Qwest internet plans, you will receive a free modem and free Wi-Fi. But their best deal is a $25.99 monthly charge for 7 Mbps of speed. This is more than enough for all of your security, video, and music and photo sharing needs.