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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Are We Going To Run Out Of Bandwidth Any Time Soon?

Back in the 1990s, many people used to worry about the internet “running out” of bandwidth. That is not exactly the case with today’s ISPs constantly improving their technology lot of consumers feel guilty about large downloads. But even though many warned that soon, no one would be able to download anything, download sizes have increased. But so has the number of people on the internet. And that bandwidth we were so afraid of losing? It too has increased even more.

This dismal prediction about downloads wasn’t necessarily just paranoia. Back then, and given predicted growth rates of the industry and download rates it was quite feasible that we would “run out” of bandwidth soon. But companies like Time Warner Road Runner internet have really managed to turn things around. Today, there is far less worry about bandwidth shortages than there used to be.

The Responsibility Of Broadband Providers Where It Comes To Internet Addiction

It might seem strange to think that ISPs have some role in helping people to prevent or get help for their internet addiction. And really, they don’t have a whole lot of responsibility As much as we all like to blame others for our problems, I don’t really think the blame can be pointed at broadband internet companies like Bell South. The issue may very well lie in our ability to discipline ourselves. Broadband, in general, is always on and always convenient, which can pave the way for internet addiction to occur. Dial-up may be a little different, just because it takes time to connect and there is more involved. Perhaps the price of convenience is what increases the possibility of addiction.

Who Really Pays For No-Cost Wireless Internet? The Ugly Truth Revealed

Free wireless broadband may be available in your local public places, but you definitely won’t get the same speed as if you were connected by a known company. However, it can be a great way to get online if you need to check your email or complete a business project right away. Interestingly enough, some think that offering free wireless internet as opposed to a connection offered by a company like Verizon internet service will mean that subscriptions to the latter will decrease. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Besides, nothing is really free. Someone is paying for the wireless internet offered at no cost by some cafes and coffee shops.