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Keep Your Passwords Safe With Firefox

Recent news about the exposure of our personal information has many users wondering how they can better protect themselves. And the good news is that your browser can offer many options for keeping password information safe. The Firefox browser, for example, has made it easy for users to manage this sensitive information with one master password. And all it takes to get to this section and manage your information is to choose “Options” from the Firefox menu. To add a master password, simply choose the “Security” tab, and ensure that “Use a master password” is checked.

Clicking “Show Passwords” in the Saved Passwords section will reveal all stored passwords once the master password has been entered. And any username or password can be copied with a right click on any web site entry. Granted, there are many ways to keep passwords safe, but having this capability built right into your browser can definitely make things that much more convenient. As well, there’s no need to incur additional expense to use the feature. As well, the password security feature available with Firefox tends to be less flexible than the password security feature in other browsers.

Along With High Speed Internet Providers Reviewed, Ensure Two Common Issues Are Addressed

You may be thinking about switching internet providers. But before you do, it’s important to see whether or not any issues with your service are able to be corrected. There are actually two main problems which can contribute to slow internet service. If you enjoy having wireless internet around the home, then the simple placement of your router can cause intermittent signals which can interrupt your internet service. The best advice here is to ensure that your wireless router is placed in an area of your home that is central. As well, ensure there are no barriers such as metal walls between the router and your devices.

The type of internet you have may also be contributing to slow access. Before you count the number of high speed internet providers reviewed and start choosing another company, consider whether or not you could improve your connection. For example, a satellite internet connection can be disrupted by many things, including cloud cover, nearby trees on a windy day, and debris blocking parts of the dish. Switching providers can be a frustrating process, and so taking as many steps as possible to resolve internet issues on your own may reveal that these problems are entirely correctable.