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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Will New Chip Allow Verizon Internet Service Customers To Push More Data Over Wireless?

A new chip was announced by Quantenna yesterday that is capable of pushing almost 2 Gbps of data over 4 wireless streams. The new chip, which is an 802.11ac, will be available to manufacturers in this year’s third quarter. And while there are many questions surrounding whether or not Verizon Internet Service customers will soon be powering their wireless routers with the new standard, nothing has been announced as yet.

The 802.11ac chip is beginning to show up in some devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy S4, with some maybe even destined for Mac computers soon. But there is another option that will soon be hitting markets as well: the tri-band router, which can transmit 7Gbps. Of course, these will be for heavier internet users.

Clear Wireless Internet Offer Doesn’t Need To Be Raised: SoftBank CEO

$2.97 per share is the number being offered by Sprint to Clear Wireless Internet that would allow the former to take control. But the counterbid of $25.5 billion by another major company for Clearwire has caused Sprint to state that its $20.1 billion dollar bid for the company is just fine with them and doesn’t need to be raised.

This is quite a bold statement, considering that SoftBank is also dealing with a second major wireless carrier where it comes to counterbids. If that weren’t enough, SoftBank is also facing opposition in the form of a vowed proxy battle from Crest Financial. SoftBank’s bid would see it controlling 70% of Clearwire, even in a worst-case scenario should it win.