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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Showrooming With ATT Uverse Will No Longer Be Possible At Best Buy

No more showrooming for Uverse customers1,400 Best Buy stores will be getting a bit of a facelift this month in order to prevent showroomers from using their ATT Uverse connections to make purchases online after checking prices and features in-store. Samsing ’boutiques’ will be installed in these stores, with 900 of them opening in May. The store considers showrooming to be a significant issue, as it has seen its shares decrease steadily over time.

After it realized that past attempts, such as price-match guarantees and its Red Laser partnership were not effective, it was time to admit there was a problem. But the acknowledgement didn’t come until November of 2012 when the new CEO took over. The company estimated then that as much as 40% of its customers were possibly engaging in showrooming.