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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Record-Setting DDoS Attack Occurs, But Did Anybody Using Internet Service Providers New York Notice?

Yesterday, a DDoS or distributed denial of service attack took place against Spamhaus, the world-renowned anti-spam organization. But despite being given the description of ‘massive’, the attack has only seemed to slow, and not completely stop, internet speeds in some global regions including those using internet service providers New York. Interesting results, given that at one point, the flow of traffic to Spamhaus was recorded to be in excess of 300 gigabits per second.

But this wasn’t just a one-time attack; apparently, it’s been going on for a couple of weeks. Beginning at just 10 Gbps, the attacks gradually increased in size until they reach 120 Gbps on the twenty-first of this month. This is the largest DDoS attack ever recorded, but interestingly, it’s been smaller attacks, such as last August’s disruptions to a region serviced by AT&T, and the attack which inspired GoDaddy’s move to Verisign servers last September.

According To IP Address, S. Korea Cyberattack Didn’t Come From DSL Providers In China

South Korea’s banks and broadcasters were the victims of a cyberattack this week, but the country’s regulators may now have to change their opinion of who the attacker was. Although China’s regulators fingered China as the perpetrator because the IP address came from that country, they are now saying that their attack suspicions from Chinese DSL providers may have been hasty.

However, the accusation wasn’t without reason, as North Korean hackers have been used by China in the past to execute attacks. This has raised tensions in recent months. While the attack may not have come from China, South Korean regulators say they still believe the attack originated overseas, and are continuing their work to pinpoint an exact location. They have identified the malware used in teh attack, called “DarkSeoul”.

Facebook’s Graph Search To Be Improved Via Internet Providers By City

Facebook will be trying to improve its algorithms to expand its Graph Search reach for those accessing the site via internet service providers by city. The details of the company’s plans were posted on its blog yesterday. Graph Search was only launched to a few users at the beginning of the year, but has seen much discussion due to observations by marketers and other users.

Some of the shortcomings of the search include out of date information, and the fact that the search doesn’t consider comments or status updates. The company continues to observe how its search is being used. Engineers determine a possible algorithm improvement, and then test it by trying it out on small user groups. Finally, they compare their results. While no exact algorithms are available to the public, there are some character traits that can hint at their inner workings, such as the use of natural-language processing to make search suggestions.