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Monthly Archives: February 2013

World Governments Should Have No Place In Regulating The Web, But Internet Providers Unclear

Both parties in Congress can at least agree on one thing: that no world government should regulate the internet itself. A resolution released in December of last year called for the International Telecommunications Union to stop any plans it had to move into an internet providers control position. The resolution received backing today when legislation was proposed to make promoting internet freedom part of United States policy.

The wording of the bill is interesting, mentioning the promotion of a global internet that is free of government control. But some of the lawmakers are not thrilled about it, or at least they weren’t during the SOPA debate. Many feel that the debate for a free internet will be a never-ending one, which is likely to be the reality, considering that many positions on SOPA and PIPA held by representatives have not seemed to be enduring.

FTC Tells Mobile Internet Providers In My Area To Clean Up Their Act

New privacy guidelines were issued by the FTC on Friday which, it is hoped, will further protect consumer privacy on mobile devices. Now considered more of an ecosystem, the mobile market’s vendors, developers and advertising networks all play a role in how the consumer’s information is treated. These days, the consumer is dealing with several, and not just a single company when they sign up for mobile internet providers in my area.

The FTC says that mobile platform vendors should be leading the way in how information is handled, as their position in the mobile ecosystem allows them to not only set, but enforce disclosure requirements. One way in which vendors can participate is to design APIs which notify the user when an app is trying to use their information.

DSL Providers One Of Many Internet Options

An affordable internet connection could mean many things if you’re an internet user. If you need high speeds for seamless streaming and game playing, you may think that fiber optic internet can offer you the most value. But the reality is that DSL providers may be able to offer you speeds that you didn’t know you could get. DSL has come a long way since the old days. And it’s still as convenient as ever to get hooked up, as you can often do it yourself in a few easy steps.

Finding the right provider could mean considering a large number of them. And this can easily lead to confusion when they’re all saying they’re the right company for you. The best way to tell which company  is right is not only research their prices and speeds, but find out what their customers think of them. Doing this can give you valuable insight into how a company will treat you when issues arise.