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Europe To Get Fastest Satellite Internet Service Ever

Satellite ISPs in EuropeA major satellite internet provider in Europe today announced that it would be offering a new range of packages that would have two major benefits: close the digital divide further, and meet the needs of the internet’s most demanding users. Eutelsat’s Tooway internet service, launched in 2011, provided download speeds of up to 10 Mbps. But all but one of the new packages will double that speed to 20Mbps, and offer an upload speed of 6 Mbps.

Customers can enjoy a 10GB data allowance for the cost of about $50 U.S. monthly. Unlimited data is being offered for under $120 U.S. per month. Satellite internet has long been considered vital to reaching out to all communities that need internet. This latest move answers a report published in 2012, which fingered inadequate broadband services as the reason the local economy was suffering.


Canadian Watchdog Received Several Internet Service Throttling Complaints In 2012

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, or CRTC, reports that it received 75 complaints toward internet service providers for throttling last year. According to the commission’s spokespeople, all types of ISPs were covered in the complaints received. Throttling is the practice internet companies employ when they discover illegal activities going on with their connections, and can including anything from slower download speeds to intermittent video streaming.

Although a list of the service providers in question wasn’t provided, the CRTC said that about 15% of the complaints were still being investigated, which is a lengthy process that can get complicated, perhaps because there is no solid enforcement entity in place to address the throttling issue. However, it was stated that many ISPs have changed their practices since in order to further benefit the consumer.


More Countries Will Soon Be Able To Support iPhone 5

An announcement by Apple CEO Time Cook revealed that 60 operators will likely be approved as early as next week to provide LTE support to the iPhone 5. Currently, there are 24 worldwide carriers who support the device with LTE. The expansion to more carriers will mean that more customers are able to enjoy the speed of 4G LTE on their devices.

The announcement revealed that over 300 million users will be affected by the expansion, including those in Finland, Denmark and several Middle Eastern countries. The company’s launch of its iPhone 5 occurred in September 2012, and rollout to over 100 countries was complete by December, making it the fastest rollout of any iPhone device in the company’s history.

Even Best Internet Provider Subject To Preventable Service Outages

A storm which occurred in the summer of 2012 is the subject of a recently-released report which blasts a best internet provider for not ensuring its network was prepared. The report, released by the FCC, states that the widespread outages in landline phone service as the result of a mid-Atlantic storm in June 2012 were largely preventable or at least able to be mitigated.

The reason for such a damning report is mainly due to the fact that 911 service was completely lost to those living in Northern Virginia. This also resulted in connectivity being lost to 911 call centers, making it impossible for affected residents to reach someone for help. As well, there were a number of generator failures at several key locations.