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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Will Tablets Replace The Desktop PC?

Everyone seems to be raving about tablets and their incredible portability. After all, how else can you log on with internet service providers Nashville to update your Facebook status, watch videos or check your email almost weightlessly from the porch? But the question has arisen time and again: can tablets take the place of the desktop computer or laptop? That may depend on the programs you want to use on your tablet.

If you plan to do a lot of typing, then you will need an external keyboard. As far as programs go, you may find that although there are many which can allow you to execute PC tasks on your tablet, they may not have the number of features that the same type of program does on your desktop computer or laptop.

Presidential Debate A Gentlemen’s Event On Television – Not So Online

Social media users have been posting and tweeting incessantly since Tuesday night’s Presidential debate. And while both candidates exhibited restraint and were able to maintain their composure, it appears the opposite was true with internet service providers Houston. Perhaps it’s the anonymous nature of the internet that tempts users to throw caution to the wind when posting their opinions. Or perhaps it simply a strong feeling about the state of the economy.  Whatever the reason, some tweets and updates were certainly not for the faint of heart.

Over on sites like Tumblr, things took a more humorous turn, as memes depicting Romney’s now-famous ‘binders full of women’ statement appeared and then proceeded to circulate the web. Gifs depicting debate audience members napping and looped gestures by debate participants were also popular.

Your Android As A Webcam? It’s Possible

If you are on a computer that has no webcam, and you haven’t yet gotten around to buying one, your Android phone can do the job, and well, in a pinch. But one thing that should be mentioned is that this will serve to drain your battery at lightning speed, and so it’s strongly recommended that your Android remain plugged into a power source while it’s being used as a webcam.

You will need to install a program onto your phone that will allow it to become a webcam. One example is IP Webcam. Then, you’ll need to install the IP Camera Adapter onto the computer you are using. And Firefox or Chrome may be your best bet for browsers in this application. Once the video quality is set, you can start the server.

VOIP Appearing To Continue Upward Trend

According to Fierce Telecom, the VOIP market is continuing its reign as an in-demand product. Huge numbers were revealed in a recent Infonetics Research report, which estimated that $400 billion will be spent on VOIP for both residential and business applications over the next four years.

The benefits of VOIP can’t be denied; first of all, the cost savings can be astronomical, as no service or payment of a home phone line is needed; just a connection with internet service providers Denver. VOIP is also portable, as it isn’t restricted to one location, such as the home land line. Yet another benefit is the quality of sound that VOIP offers. This is possible because VOIP technology converts its packets from analog to digital in real time.

Do You Really Need To Buy Computer Screen Cleaner At The Store?

There are thousands of products designed to make our lives easier. For example, instead of making a cake from scratch, we can just buy a box of cake mix. So it would only make sense that if our computer screens need cleaning, we can compare prices online with internet service providers Indianapolis, and then get cleaning spray at our local computer store, right? Wrong! Actually, computer screen cleaner can easily be made at home.

All you need is rubbing alcohol, distilled water, and a spray bottle to put the solution in. Luckily, the alcohol and spray bottle can be had for very cheap at your local dollar store. The most effective screen cleaning solution will be one part alcohol and one part water. Once in the spray bottle, it only needs to be shaken, and it’s ready for use.

The Importance Of Internet Access For All Communities

You may have heard of the National Broadband Stimulus Program, an initiative put in place in order to get Internet Service Providers Jacksonville to rural and underserved communities. But progress has been slow since its 2009 inception, and the numbers say it all, with less than 4% of rural counties meeting the stimulus’s speed goals.

In the case of rural internet, having emergency services access is critical, as is an understanding of the logistics of rural communities. For example, emergency crews will take longer to respond to an event in a rural community than they may in a city center. But when a community has internet, instantaneous communication can occur.

The internet can also help rural communities with managing their health. Instead of traveling to a larger city, rural residents can go online and get advice from medical professionals without ever having to leave their homes, which is the ultimate in convenience.

Detailing The Consumer Privacy Bill Of Rights

Recent news reports have made the question of our privacy more prevalent than ever before. Although the current incarnation of the bill demands that companies and Internet Service Providers Sacramento comply with the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights when handling personal information, that there be transparency on the part of companies collecting information, and that the consumer has the right to control how much information is collected, many are still saying that more detail is needed.

For example, there are many assumptions with data collection when information is obtained for the purpose of credit. An individual’s eligibility for credit could be based on information aggregated from a large group of similar consumers. However, not all information collected could be true for that individual.

But there appears to be good news: the advertising industry has chosen to support consumers. Early this year, advertisers agreed to refuse to supply their customers’ browsing habits to any companies not wishing to use it for advertising.