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Cleaning a Laptop Screen With Products In Your Home

If your laptop gets used a lot in a day, your screen is probably filled with fingerprints and other smudges that can make using your device not only annoying, but possibly unhealthy. Many types of bacteria can reside in and on devices like laptops that can result in nasty colds and other infections if the laptop isn’t cleaned regularly.

Some people wonder if they really have to go out and buy expensive cleaners specifically for laptops. The truth is that you don’t have to; you could have ingredients in your household that could help you keep your laptop’s screen clean.

A gentle cleaning solution can be made from distilled water alone, or by adding white vinegar in a 50/50 mix if heavier cleaning is needed. Simply place the water or mixture into a small spray bottle, and using a very soft cloth (like an old t-shirt or eyeglass cloth), just moisten the cloth. Too much liquid can result in this extra leaking into your laptop and damaging your screen. When wiping the screen, a gentle and even pressure is best. Wiping in rapid circles will usually help to eliminate any streaks.

Some warnings include not using any cloth composed of wood fibers, such as paper towels, never scrubbing your screen and considering disposable wipes for LCD screens if the option isn’t available to make your own cleaner.

Do Not Track Could Come To U.S.

Regulators in the United States want a “Do Not Track” system in place by the end of 2012. The FTC’s report on privacy recommendations was released yesterday, but was considered by privacy advocates to not be nearly as strict as it should be. The FTC says that this ‘lack of force’ in the report is due to the limits under which it must operate. Therefore, it has begun to put pressure on internet companies to adopt privacy policies that would do the job. The fifty-seven page report was created and released as a reply to consumers who feel that some well-known internet companies are collecting an uncomfortable amount of information from them, among them Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the FTC is looking to Congress to pass legislation that would allow for complete transparency to consumers, as well as giving them the power to stop such action as they deem necessary.

Network Improvements By ATT Uverse Total Over $16 Billion

The wired and wireless networks in Abilene, Texas received a boost of over $16 billion from 2009 to 2011. And the improvements made optimized network performance, along with mobile broadband coverage for customers in that area. This is the latest report from the ATT Uverse web site, which has listed several of its network upgrades across the United States. The upgrades included adding capacity so that customers would experience more reliability when using the mobile network, adding a new cell site to increase coverage, and upgrading 9 existing sites to ensure the delivery of fast mobile internet. The improvements the company has made in the last two years were recognized recently by CNN Money. The company’s network enhancements in 2011 tripled in number from the year before, reaching 150,000 enhancements in the nation.

How To Avoid Overheating Your Laptop

A laptop that’s overheated can cause several processes from running correctly, which can mean a reduction in the quality of your machine. If you conduct business on your laptop, overheating can result in costly downtime that directly affects your income.

There are several simple solutions that can be applied at no additional cost that can keep your laptop running at its optimal and expected speed.

How You Use It

Do you place your laptop on hard or soft surfaces? This can make a big difference to the internal temperature of your machine. Using your laptop by placing it on a cushion will cause the heat to become trapped in the cushion, as well as cause the airflow to be obstructed.

How Long You Leave It On

Laptops, just like personal computers, aren’t meant to be on around the clock. Your machine needs time to cool off, and an easy way to allow it to do this is to place it in standby mode when you aren’t using it. Not only will this save power, but it will also result in less heat being released from your laptop.


Although laptops are the enclosed and mobile form of a personal computer, they still do need cleaning. Dirt will build up on and in the air vents of a laptop, and so regular cleaning is definitely necessary. The dust can be removed with a small electric cleaner which can be found online or at your local office supply store, or you can purchase a can of compressed air that’s been made especially for cleaning electronics.

Federal Reserve Now Tweeting

The U.S. Federal Reserve announced yesterday that it now has a new channel on Twitter – @federalreserve – from which it would be attempting to improve communication with Americans by tweeting Federal Reserve Board News. Its first tweet was about the Reserve’s release this week of a report about mobile banking, which contained a number of interesting statistics, including the fact that one out of five Americans are now using mobile banking primarily to check their balances and monitor recent transactions. The U.S. Federal Reserve represents the financial backbone of the economy, and aims to keep the public updated with its latest speeches, reports and press releases with its Twitter presence. However, those interested in following the Reserve via Twitter are advised to check the web site for their latest news, as this is where happenings will be updated first.

Freeing Up The Space On Your iPod

If you have an iPod, then you own a piece of technology that is capable of storing thousands of .mp3s. But that space can quickly be reduced, especially if you can’t get through a day without it and love to download all sorts of music. Eventually, the time will come where you need to thin out your .mp3 herd to make room for new music. Here’s how to do that.

Open iTunes

iTunes is the way to remove music from any iPod. But in order to ensure your .mp3s are removed from your iPod, you will first have to open the application and delete them from your iTunes library.

Finding The Library

Your iTunes library will be located in the panel on the left side of your iPod’s screen and will be a tab. Clicking it will reveal all of the music stored on your iPod by artist, genre, album and songs.

Scroll Through And Delete

Once your library has been opened, all you have to do is scroll through your list and look for the music you wish to remove. Removing one song is as easy as clicking it to highlight, and then clicking delete. Or, you can right click on the song file and choose delete from the menu. You can also choose to delete entire playlists, which will appear in the left pane. While you can delete those playlists you created manually, you will not be able to delete those that iTunes created automatically, such as Top Played or Recently Added lists. Deleting playlists will not delete the songs in them from your iPod.


Once you’ve gone through your list and completed your deletions, you will need to sync your iPod by connecting it to your computer. When that’s completed, you then will have more space to store your music.

High Court Sides With Artists In Copyright Flap

Britain’s High Court expressed its solidarity with the music industry and Digital Economy Act this week in the country’s latest struggle for the regulation of peer-to-peer file sharing. The Act requires all internet providers to identify and restrict access to the internet to users they suspect are downloading and sharing audio and video content illegally with a multi-step process involving several escalating warnings, with the possible result of complete blockage of internet access the activity continues. Internet providers seem to be worried that the regulations set forth by the Digital Economy Act will harm the right to free expression, but creative groups say that regulation is badly needed to reduce the amount of illegal sharing of their content online. In addition, they say that the Digital Economy Act will help teach young consumers about the damaging effects of piracy.

How To Save Gas With Smart Phone Apps

The price of gas seems to be changing by the minute. And you may have found a gas station that’s a little out of your way, but that offers you a deal when you need to fill up. But is it really worth the drive? Could you be doing something else, such as taking it easier on the gas pedal when you drive to stretch out that last few gallons? All of these questions can be answered when you take advantage of a few handy smart phone apps.

Gas Buddy

This app continues to be popular with travelers and penny-pinchers alike. That’s because this free app shows you nearby gas stations and their current prices as uploaded by other app users. And it also lets you know when prices were updated, which be really important in times when gas prices seem to be jumping all over the place. Another app for gas prices is Cheap Gas, but it doesn’t provide the ability for users to upload prices.


If you have a newer vehicle, then you probably have a fuel economy meter already accessible through your steering wheel or dashboard controls. But for older cars that don’t have this option, you could be in for a lot of math. Thankfully, you don’t have to cringe over calculations if you have an iPhone and the GasHog app. All you have to do is type in your odometer miles and how much fuel your vehicle took when you last filled up for the app to figure out your miles per gallon. You can also use it to keep tabs on your mileage history.

Barcelona Showstoppers Event Featured Multiple Auto, Marketing, Mobile Highlights


Yesterday in Barcelona, it was announced that over forty industry leaders gathered to present a slew of mobile and wireless products that would represent the next generation of that technology at the end of February. Open to the press only, the ShowStoppers event saw more than four hundred of the world’s top bloggers, industry analysts and journalists attending to be wowed at what was to come. Among the many highlights of the show was a do-it-yourself mobile ad maker for marketers by Boost Communications, new voice technologies for devices from cars to TVs from Nuance, Viewsonic’s newest lines of tablets and mobile phones, and a Trend Micro demonstration which revealed that only seconds are needed to unlock password-protected iPads. ShowStoppers has had a 20-year history as a producer of world-class press and business events for selected press and business industry leaders.

What To Do During Internet Blackouts

The recent protests of popular sites like Wikipedia and Reddit saw their content become completely inaccessible to internet users. While this certainly made a statement about how they feel about a free and open internet, life did go on. For those that use these blacked out sites on a regular basis, it probably caused quite an inconvenience. This leads to the question: what do the rest of us do during internet protests when our favourite sites aren’t available? Thankfully, there are alternatives.

Wikipedia Alternatives

The popular reference site sees over 10 million accesses per hour. But it’s not the only all-in one source. Alternatives to Wikipedia include the online Encyclopedia Britannica, which offers two-week access at no cost. Free alternatives are Citizendium and Scholarpedia.

Social Media Sites

What if Facebook went black for a day? If you plan ahead by signing up with and building your network on other social media sites, even the longest blackout doesn’t have to be a big deal. And, you could discover new ways to communicate in the meantime, such as Google Hangouts, which allows you to create an online room and invite your friends to enjoy some quality face time via webcam and text chat.