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Pew Research Report Reveals Interesting Data About Social Media Users

According to a recent Pew Research report, social network users are taking the time to manage the privacy and friend lists of their accounts. The report found that, among all social networking users, it is the women and younger users who are indulging in better account management. And the phenomenon doesn’t seem to be based on the number of friends one has; sixty-three percent of users deleted friends from their lists in 2011. The report results were based on the feedback from over 2,000 adults who participated in a survey over a two month time period. Interestingly, women were more likely than men to delete friends and keep their profile privacy at the highest level. Regrettable postings affected fifteen percent of men and eight percent of women. While the results of the survey are interesting, some say that they are one-dimensional, and did not take into account the social media network’s business practices.

Uploading Your Video To YouTube In 3 Steps

Want to join the millions of people who upload their videos to YouTube? It’s actually much easier than you think. Once you’ve created your video, either with your web cam or other video recorder, and then edited it (an easy program is Windows Movie Maker), you’re ready to show it to the world.

Step One: Registration

If you don’t already have a YouTube account, you will have to create one. This is very easy and takes just a few minutes. It’s also free. Tip: if you have an email account with Google, signup will be even easier.

Step Two: Uploading

Uploading your video is as easy as going to the “Account Settings” section of your account. The upload link can be found on the upper right. Simply click it, and then browse for the video you’ve created on your computer. It can take up to 30 minutes for a video to load in addition to processing time, so once you’ve begun the process, don’t click your browser’s ‘back’ button to try again, as this will interrupt the upload. Step Three: Description And Sharing If you are looking to make your video completely public, using lots of relevant keywords along with a detailed title and description will help people to find it. When building your keyword list, think of what someone may type in when they’re looking for a video like yours. In addition to public sharing, you can opt to make your video private. Private links allow for only those who are sent the link to view it. But be aware that if your contacts share your link with their own friends, that it will become public.

Understanding DSL Providers

When you think of high speed internet, the last connection on your mind might be the kind you get from DSL providers. But did you know that a DSL connection can actually be plenty to handle whatever you do online. DSL speeds usually range from between 768 kb and 1.5 Mbps per second for lower-priced packages. However, many companies now offer faster DSL connections that come in at between 3 and 7 Mbps, which is close to a cable internet connection’s average speed in the lower-priced packages. There are some differences between the two connections. One is the distance you live from your DSL company’s headquarters. The farther away you are, the slower your connection could be. Cable internet bandwidth is also shared with those in your area, meaning that you could experience slow internet during times of peak usage when many people are online at the same time.

ATT Uverse Extends Multi-Platform Starz Agreement

Authenticated online services, premium channels, on-demand and HD are all included in the extension of an agreement between ATT Uverse and Starz Entertainment. The extension, announced this week will be multi-year and cover multiple platforms such as portable devices, PCs and tablets. Both companies benefit from the extension, with AT&T being a leader in providing content that customers can access with virtually any device, and Starz Entertainment offering some of the highest quality movie content available. The entertainment company says that AT&T has done a superb job of selling its video content to subscribers. Starz boasts over 50 million subscribers to its range of premium channels, which includes HD On Demand, Encore and Movieplex. Further details of the extension agreement were not made available to the public.

Clear Wireless Internet Chosen For Free Mobile Broadband Service

FreedomPop, a new wave telecom company created by the co-founder of Skype, has selected the Clear Wireless Internet network as the source who will power its free mobile broadband service. The strategic wholesale relationship will allow FreedomPop to meet its goal of free access for all in the United States when it launches in the second half of 2012. The company will pay wholesale rates for access to the wireless network, but other details of the agreement remain unknown. Clearwire’s Senior Vice President of Wholesale says that the partnership is key, as it offers a service model that is unique to wireless broadband, and will give it a much-needed shake up. Clear wireless currently services over 100 million U.S. customers, with plans for its 4G LTE advanced-ready network to come online in the coming months.

The Facts About Land Line Service Like Qwest DSL

If you live in a rural area and are looking for an internet connection that’s faster than dial-up, DSL could be your answer. However, there are a few things to understand about DSL service. First, the distance you live from the central telephone switch in your area will directly affect the speed of your connection. The closer you are, the faster your service will be. Another thing to realize is that DSL will not reach the same speeds as faster land line internet types like fiber optic and cable. This is due to the type of lines used to transmit data. DSL uses the same copper lines as your telephone, where both cable and fiber optic data travels over lines made specifically for internet. When searching for a DSL company, checking their coverage area is a good idea. Qwest DSL, for example is available in over ten states, mainly in the West.

Considerations For Finding The Best Internet Providers

Saving money on high speed internet is something that is a common goal among many who are seeking the best internet providers. But how can you know what the average prices for internet service are unless you compare companies? Without comparison, you could end up paying much more for your service than you can afford. Or, you could end up with internet that isn’t fast enough for what you do online. So why wonder what kind of value you’re really getting when all it takes is a few minutes online? Comparison shopping will be made easier when you use a trusted resource to check prices, speeds, contracts and opinions. And going online means that you can sign up for service without having to call a company to get yourself connected.

Blockage Of Online Gambling Sites By Internet Providers Delays Bill Vote

A Utah bill that would see internet providers blocking online gambling sites had its voting process delayed until the financial impact of the bill could be better understood. Bill HB108 carries with it a stern message: no internet gambling whatsoever. The state has already outlawed all gambling in its Constitution, but the issue demands a solution in the face of a government resolution that would allow nationwide online gambling. According to the details of the resolution, those states not wanting online gambling must expressly opt out. If they do not, they risk the entry of Indian casinos, as the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act would automatically take effect if no opt-out has been declared. The House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee has been urged by Utah government to pass the bill.

Satellite Internet Service Providers Could Go Portable In Future

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast are developing a satellite dish that could revolutionize remote areas. The flat dish, called a Flish, would not only be inexpensive, but lightweight, making it much easier to carry and position. Although the dishes would require a manual set up and exact positioning to receive signals from satellite internet service providers, once initiated, would bring the internet to both developing countries and remote locations where no internet infrastructure exists. This can benefit both residents of remote areas and those who report from them, such as journalists. The dishes would require no professional expertise to set up, and would not consume nearly as much power as the current vehicle-mounted satellite set ups do. While the new satellites are expected to be more expensive than the traditional ones, researchers say that the saved costs in not needing to send out technicians for maintenance and installation will exceed the cost of purchasing the Flish.

Former Qwest DSL To Attend FSAN Quarterly Meeting

Representatives from Centurylink, also known as the former Qwest DSL before its 2011 merger, will be in attendance at the first 2012 Quarterly Meeting for the Full Service Access Network (FSAN) group. The meeting will be hosted at ADTRAN corporate headquarters in Huntsville, Ala. FSAN includes members from over eighty global leaders in the telecommunications service industry, and focuses on the driving of standards and specifications for PON services and products. Currently in the works for the organization is technology which will increase bandwidth and advance data rates from 40-100 Gbps.  In addition, the development of carrier class solutions which both allow for seamless migration of data over multiple system generations while enabling legacy fibre reuse will also be a topic of discussion. The meeting will run from February 6-10.

Understanding Wireless Internet Service Providers

If you’re ready to take your internet on the go, then you might be looking into which wireless internet service providers are right for you. That will largely depend on where you want to use wireless. For wireless in the home, you will discover that most ISPs offer their customers a wireless option, which will involve the company sending you a wireless router that you can then connect inside your home. This will allow you to move freely with any internet-enabled device inside your home. For those wanting internet access outside of the home, many mobile options are available for this type of wireless. Your ISP may offer this option, or you may have to contact your mobile carrier to see what’s available for you. The good news is that there are still a few unlimited data packages available.

Preliminary Findings From Spam Survey Released

Vircom, Inc. has released preliminary results from a public survey which will reveal what kind of protection measures are being employed by users to prevent spam and forms of cyber crime such as phishing. The email security leader has published preliminary results of the survey, which is already revealing a number of threats to the security of users. Forty-five percent of those who responded said that they share information such as their address book on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. An even larger number of respondents revealed that they do use unsecured public WiFi hotspots to get online. In addition, a high number do not check their email headers to ensure that bank emails they receive are legitimate, and many will read spam emails, click false links and download attachments.