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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Details Emerge About One Of Verizon FiOS Promotions

In October, it was announced by Microsoft that it would be making FiOS television channels available via its Xbox 360 console. But now, more details about this latest in Verizon FiOS promotions has been released. Most expected that there would be certain requirements in order to access these channels, which has now been confirmed. Customers wanting to watch TV on their Xbox will need a subscription to both FiOS TV and internet, along with an Xbox Live Gold membership if access to a select group of channels is desired. There is also a special offer for those who sign up before January 21st, which includes the Verizon Triple Play with a one-year subscription to Xbox Live Gold and an anniversary addition of Halo for a monthly cost of $89.99.

Find Out Whether Internet Providers In My Area Can Meet Your Needs

No matter where you live in the world, you want to have access to the best possible internet package deals without spending any more than you have to. Most homes have at least one computer, and most everyone realizes the importance of being online. Kids are expected to research for homework, parents shop and email and communicate with others, and many people now use the internet to work from home. Find the best discounts, deals, and specials by shopping for internet providers in my area online and avoid having to shop by phone. All you need for choosing the best ISP is in one convenient location to make your job easier, and that’s really easy to find. Once you’re there, you can see exactly what each company near you offers so that you can make the right choice for your budget.

Moving Is A Fact Of Life – But So Is Finding A New Internet Connection With DSL Providers

If you don’t like to have to move, chances are you are also dreading finding a new internet connection as well. Who wants to spend hours calling around to try and get the best price from satellite, cable, fiber optic and DSL providers? For those seasoned movers in the know, using an online comparison site to compare and sign up for a new connection is where it’s at. You don’t have to travel anywhere or spend loads of time trying to save a buck. All it takes is to enter your zip code to see what’s available in your new area. And then, figuring out which speed and bundle suits you best. After that, all that’s needed is to sign up, and you can have your new connection ready almost as soon as you move in.

United Way Of Miami-Dade County Receives $75,000 From ATT Uverse Branch

In an annual corporate donation that supports the health, education and financial assistance that the United Way helps to provide individuals and families, ATT Uverse presented $75,000 yesterday to the president and CEO of the United Way of Miami-Dade, according to Miami’s Community Newspapers. The company sees the donation as an investment in the future of Miami-Dade county’s prosperity, realizing that giving back to the communities it serves is the only way for itself to realize true success. In addition to this donation were contributions by AT&T employees themselves. The United Way welcomes the company’s help, referring to it as a valued community partner. And this manner of community assistance is not new to AT&T; its mandate of giving back to communities has been in place and practiced for over 135 years.

Clear Wireless Internet To Partner With Another Major Carrier In Complementary Deal

According to Globe Newswire, Clear wireless internet has signed agreements with another major ISP in a move that will benefit both companies. As a result, Clearwire will enjoy increased pricing flexibility which will allow it to increase the size of its wholesale markets and ultimately obtain more new customers. For the other company, who already has a 4G network arrangement with Clearwire, the new agreements will fund their business and allow them to keep up with a quickly growing demand for 4G. In addition to these benefits, the agreements will allow Clearwire to continue with its plan for an LTE advanced-ready overlay network. The company’s current coverage includes approximately 130 million people in the United States. This new deal is worth a potential $1.6 billion from now until 2015.

Best Internet Providers Cracking Down On Pirates, But Database Will Be Independently Kept

As the result of an agreement between the RIAA, MPAA and all of the best internet providers across the nation, those who download and share copyrighted material will be watched and their IP addresses kept for future investigations. The entire process involves 6 steps which begin with notifying the offender and then slowing down their internet speed if illegal activities continue. But while this same process is being followed in France by a central organization that’s solely in charge of infringement, the offending IP addresses in the United States will be monitored and stored by individual ISPs. An independent technical review will then take place to take a closer look at evidence gathering techniques to ensure that legitimate data has been collected. Depending on each internet provider’s policy, an offender’s warnings from an ISP and accompanying copyright alerts may be disposed of following one year free of copyright warnings.