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Federal Government Sued In Internet Traffic Rules Case

Net neutrality doesn’t protect all forms of internet, according to a media and internet advocacy group which is suing the federal government. Free Press filed a suit in Boston on Wednesday, claiming that the new rules don’t protect wireless internet traffic from phone company interference. The new net neutrality rules, which are supposed to take effect in November, will prevent ISPs from discriminating against content, but rules for wireless carriers are given more flexibility because they are more vulnerable to internet traffic jams.  In addition to this case, two other suits were filed by two separate mobile carriers early this year who argued that the FCC doesn’t have the authority to regulate the internet. But these two cases were thrown out due to the new rules not yet having been published in the Federal Register.

Net Neutrality Rules For Wireless, Cable and DSL Providers Published In Federal Register

It’s been a long wait since December’s passing of Net Neutrality rules, but on September 23rd, those rules were finally published in the Federal Register, with lawsuits soon to follow those cable, wireless and DSL providers who are currently in violation. The rules offer protection based on three internet norms which are broadly accepted: that ISPs freely disclose the details of their services, that they don’t block any content from users, including competitor web sites and applications, and that there is no discrimination in the way lawful network traffic is transmitted. Although the rules apply to both fixed and wireless providers, there is some debate as to whether wireless carriers should be playing by the same rules, as those ISPs say their networks are more congested.

ATT Uverse Brings The Ring Home With Golden Boy

Boxing fans know that on the last Saturday of each month, there’s some big action in Mexico City. And now they can watch at no additional cost. ATT Uverse, in an agreement with Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions will now be able to offer their customers exclusive best-in-class boxing matches in both Spanish and English. The company’s Spanish-speaking subscribers can also enjoy soccer matches and telenovelas with a selection of over 50 Spanish-language channels, along with a Spanish programming guide and TV menu. The only one-hundred percent IP-based television service is also including 3 new channels on its Paquete Espanol and U 200 Latino packages: GolTV HD, Nat Geo Mundo and Utilisima. Spanish customers also enjoy all of the features that come with a U-Verse package, such as the Total Home DVR, Uverse Mobile and multiviewing of several channels at once.

Clear Wireless Internet And China Mobile Collaborate To Accelerate TD-LTE Devices

Two major players in the wireless industry have joined forces. China Mobile, the world’s largest and Clear Wireless Internet will be working together to create what they are calling a “device ecosystem” which will support devices of all modes and bands with the least amount of cost. Successful tests conducted by both companies show the feasibility of this endeavour that has the goal of accelerating time-to-market availability of high volume TD-LTE chipsets and devices that are slated to be available next year. Worldwide data roaming is another goal of the collaboration, and will signal the launch of a next-generation LTE network, according to John Stanton, Executive Chairman of Clearwire Corporation. UItimately, the collaboration will mean a wide variety of affordable high-performance devices like modems, tablets, routers and smart phones to technology-hungry consumers.

Get The Right Information About The Best Internet Providers

How many times have you called numbers that have been changed or disconnected because the information you have is wrong or outdated? It is a fact of life that anything can change in a short time. When you are looking for the best internet providers you don’t want to start the search with incorrect phone numbers and obsolete information. This is why so many people use online resources to get the most current internet service provider listings and offers. Hearing a friendly voice on the other end of the line is much better than the recorded voice telling you the number is no longer in service. And you can even sign up online in most cases if you need to get connected to the internet in a hurry.

Comprehensive Protection From Qwest DSL Can Help To Cure Summer PC Sludge

If you have kids, chances are they spent at least some of their summer on a home computer, chatting with friends, surfing, downloading and playing online games. But all that fun can come with a price if they’ve visited sites that are infected with viruses and malware. Now that they’re back at school, you may be stuck with sluggish computer performance. But there is a cure for “summer sludge”; updating to the latest version of antivirus software, and running a scan. If your ISP offers a suite of security tools like Qwest DSL does, install and use them. Another good choice is to create user accounts on your computer for each member of your household who uses it. This will allow you to set restrictions for downloading and specific web pages if there are children around.

Get The Best Service From Satellite Internet Service Providers

Anyone can be vulnerable to issues with their ISP, even those with an internet connection from satellite internet service providers. The cause of these issues could be as simple as a misunderstanding. But no matter how seemingly small the cause, it could end up costing you money in the long run if you don’t keep your eyes open. One of the best ways to protect yourself is to get any new set up or changes your ISP makes in writing, including the total bills. Another rule of thumb is not to be afraid to ask about details of your contract. And when you do, ensure you get the name or number of the representative you spoke with. Signing a contract can have its advantages, but it can also lock you into a service you may not wish to keep in the future. That being said, closely reviewing contract details or avoiding them altogether may be beneficial.

Are Your Search Queries Being Hijacked By Internet Providers?

Are your Search Queries Being Hijacked?A class-action lawsuit has been filed by a New York law firm against one of America’s internet providers that may set a precedent for how ISPs use customer search queries. Currently, there are millions of web users who have experienced some strange results when they use a search engine. Depending on the words they enter, they may be redirected to sites which are related to, but are not a direct result of their original query. For instance, if a user searched for The New York Times, they may be redirected to a page that lists discounts for newspaper subscription. So far, there are 14 ISPs in the United States who have been redirecting traffic in this way. Search terms are passed to marketing companies, and then redirected to the retail website when the corresponding search term is typed in.

The Value Of Bundling Services With Companies Like Qwest DSL

With the cost of living getting higher seemingly every day, many people are looking
for ways to keep the services they have without putting a strain on their budget. One great way to do this is to bundle your internet, phone and TV services. Companies like Qwest DSL offer customers this option. But why bundle your services? The most important reason is that it can save you money. Most internet companies like the one mentioned above will offer a reduced rate when you bundle two or more services. Yet another benefit of bundling is convenience; instead of having to worry about paying separate companies, you only need to keep track of one bill for one company. But the best news of all? You don’t have to give up the services you enjoy for the sake of having money, because you can automatically do this when you bundle.

New Wireless Internet Service Providers Addition To Offer Convenience

Eduroam Allows Students And Faculty To Get OnlineThose attending Maryland University can now get online at other universities around the globe, thanks to Eduroam. The system is the newest option for wireless internet service providers at the university, and the staff, faculty and students have now joined over 30 countries in Europe and Asia and 21 other universities within the United States who already use the system. Eduroam allows for free but
secure internet access and offers a second option to the university’s existing in-house
wireless network. The system has many benefits to both faculty and students. Faculty can log into the Eduroam network to conduct research while at universities overseas, while students studying abroad and those who are visiting from other universities can enjoy free wireless access on any campus.

Internet Archive Provides Unfiltered View Of 9/11 Events

It was a day that many won’t soon forget. This Sunday will mark 10 years since the attacks, and there are many events occurring around the world and on television to mark the solemn anniversary. The Internet Archive of California, a company which collects several types of information including moving images and web pages for historical purposes, has created a news archive of the television coverage on that fateful day and the days which followed. In an undertaking that spanned over 20 global channels and over 3,000 hours of television, the archive allows for the viewing of events as they happened and then unfolded a week after the attacks. Brewster Kahle, organizational director of the Internet Archive, has said that it’s important this resource be provided, as there are very few ways for people to look back at previous television news reports.

Verizon Internet Service To Help Hurricane Victims

Verizon Internet has recently announced that it will make its wireless product
available to hurricane victims in North Carolina who need to get in touch with
family members. The wireless access is available at two Red Cross Shelters
daily until 8 p.m. Those wanting to let loved ones know they are safe can visit
either the Englewood Baptist Church located in Rocky Mount, or the Pamlico
Community College located in Grantsboro to take advantage of the service. In
Warren, NJ, the company has joined forces with the Paterson Mayor’s Office to
provide victims with a communications center. Located in a 53-foot trailer, the
center provides victims with local and long-distance calling at no charge,
along with 110V outlets for charging cell phones and internet access. Victims
can access the center by visiting 62 North Haledon Ave. near the Holy
Tabernacle Church.