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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Former Qwest Internet To Offer Secure VOIP Services To 7 States

CenturyLink has had a busy year. It has acquired Qwest Internet, purchased Savvis, and now will be offering VoIP and SIP trunking services to business customers in seven states over its Tier 1 IP network. The service, because it isn’t delivered over the open internet, is inherently more reliable and secure. It will also increase the efficiency of networks, as data and voice use one connection on the Tier 1 IP network. Therefore, fewer connections are needed for data, voice and long distance networking. It will also enable employees to be connected to company headquarters while outside the office. The service will be managed, maintained and upgraded by CenturyLink, meaning that businesses will not need to purchase these services from other companies.

Are Internet Service Providers In My Area Paying For My P2P Habit?

When I download music or videos from peer-to-peer file-sharing applications, it costs the internet service providers in my area money, right? Not necessarily, according to a paper published in part by Northwestern University that studied how P2P networks affect internet companies. Using the popular BitTorrent file-sharing program, researchers investigated how it is used globally across multiple networks. In measuring the impact of file-sharing traffic on ISPs, doing so during peak usage times is critical, as it is the data from peak time traffic that internet companies use to build their networks. And surprisingly, they found that the traffic from BitTorrent during peak times rarely made it to Tier 1 companies, and so didn’t affect their cost. Tier 2 ISPs were actually shown to be making money from BitTorrent traffic. It was the high-traffic smaller corporate and campus networks which saw significant charges for network users who use the program.

ATT Uverse Expands Its Mobile App

Gone are the days when you had to set your favourite shows to record while you were on vacation to watch when you returned. Now, you can watch movies and shows right from your cell phone. And a recent announcement by att uverse to expand its offering of shows to more devices means that even more customers can enjoy the over 100 hit television series available from its mobile app. Included in the expansion of availability are several Android devices like the LG Thrive, Samsung Infuse and HTC Windows Phone. Using the app, U-verse TV subscribers can surf the program guide and control their recordings much like they would at home. Because the service is included in the price of the company’s television packages, families on vacation can watch programming on the road at no extra cost.