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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Cartoon Avatars are Popular on the Internet

Here’s a fun fact about what we’re doing on the internet. Many of us are using cartoon avatars instead of our own pictures when we are engaging in social networking. For those who have fears about privacy, this is a fun way to show something of your personality while not posting a photo.  Cartoon avatars are often easier to upload than regular photos, which need to be cropped and sized.  One of the most popular series of avatars at the moment is from AMC’s popular show Mad Men, and the avatars that can be custom created as a game.  In fact, there are some artists who will actually create an avatar of you after viewing your photo or chatting with you via a face time app or a webcam.  With the tremendous popularity of facebook and all that we do in our spare time with a high speed internet connection, it is sure that our capacity for having fun with ourselves will only increase!

The Truth About Internet Providers in My Area

Looking for internet providers in my area was more difficult than I thought.  There are so many advertisements on television and radio and seem to be about my neighborhood, but many of the providers don’t actually reach my specific neighborhood.  I found it was made easier when I was able to search for internet providers by zip code.  That made it much more precise.  I could then compare the plans side by side, and see how they stacked up for speed, price, and promotions.  I like bundles, since they really save money and deliver the better quality overall.  I was able to see if the major internet providers offered the same plans in my neighborhood that they offer elsewhere in my city, and check out specials for new customers.  For me, speed is everything, so it helped to see how the plans that had top speeds featured were priced, and how they were bundled.