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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Apple’s IPad and the Internet

So what’s the buzz about Apple and the IPad?  How will this change the internet?  So far, the IPad rates really high for facilitating productivity anytime, anywhere. Internet, wireless, word processing, data – they all can be done on the IPad.  The wireless version will be the first to go on sale, followed by a a model with wireless and 3G access in late April.  With this much flexibility, this changes the way people approach the internet – flexibility, and wireless connections will be much more in demand.  A keyboard dock and a power adapter to charge the device from an electrical outlet will be available in May.  The present limitations are that you cannot edit Microsoft Word, and you cannot view Flash videos.  That could change with future models. Look for life, work, and communication to get more interesting!  Wireless will certainly become more of a way of life.