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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Cost, Speed, and Internet Providers in My Area

Finding out about internet providers in my area isn’t so difficult.  It’s easy enough to find out if the major companies provide service at my address; just go to the website, and enter the zip code of any address to see where the service is provided. Once that is done, it is pretty simple to compare to local cable companies, and local internet providers.  Look for speed, and then for costs and incentives.  Speed is the most important consideration, since your internet use really depends on adequate speed for your videos, music downloads, and secure online banking and shopping.  Fortunately, cost is no obstacle to speed, since high speed plans are at very affordable prices, and very competitive.  Look for incentives like free installation, free months, free modems.  Enjoy the savings!

The Best It Gets with Verizon Internet Service

Verizon internet service is one of the most dependable high speed products there is.  A dependable network, with great add ons and at a super price, Verizon is the bargain you will get when you truly shop for speed that suits you best. Basic internet service starts at just $19.99 a month, and comes with a free modem.  You can go all the way up to 7 Mbps for only $39.99 a month, and still there is a free modem.  Double play bundles will have $5 off per month.  You’ll also get free trials of internet security, software, and games.  Truly this is the internet that suits your family’s needs.  The next step up is the fiber optic network, FiOS, but if it is not available to you, this is the best you can get.

Finding Speed with Internet Providers in My Area

Looking for internet providers in my area can be confusing at best. I like to compare them in one easy place.  First I like to look at the major service providers, then local cable, then local internet.  The results are interesting.  For me, speed is very important.  I like to see what speed is available to me, and what prices are the best.  Sometimes, you can save even more by combining services, such as internet and phone, or even digital television.  Frequently, internet providers will provide free modems, and some will provide free wi-fi and routers.  There are also some great offers now for free months, or rebates, or dollar amounts off the package.  It truly does pay to compare, and note what the speed you need truly costs.