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Monthly Archives: February 2010

High Speed Internet Hits the Skies

In a news article published in the Chicago Tribune’s Business section on January 29, 2010, Southwest Airlines has announced it will be offering high speed internet Wi-Fi service to it’s customers on their Boeing 737’s.  It is estimated that Wi-Fi will be available to Southwest’s customers by early 2012.  Southwest has been slower than some of it’s competition in embracing this service because to the airline giant, price matters.  It did not want to pass along a service to it’s customers that wasn’t perceived as a good value, and available vendors had priced things a bit too stiffly for Southwest’s liking.  The airline hasn’t published any pricing as of yet, but they have communicated to the public that it will be a great value, just like their airfares.

With high speed internet becoming available everywhere, it pays to check into what deals internet providers are offering.  Happy flying!