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Monthly Archives: December 2009

What Exactly Is High Speed Broadband?

The term broadband refers to a high speed internet connection that is delivered via a DSL connection or cable. This is how I was explaining it to my wife this morning as a blank look came over her face. I said, “Baby… we have it!” But, to put it in simple terms, maybe it is best I back up a bit and tell you about its predecessor… Dial-up. Remember plugging in the phone line to your computer? This was the famous T6 line that had restrictions in regards to speed and the amount of information that could pass through.

Now, enter High Speed Broadband which almost makes Dial-up obsolete. The most common analogy used in explaining Broadband are two roads. One road is a dirt road, and one is a multi-lane highway of instant information.

Now, this isn’t NEWS per say… but, it seemed like it this morning. In my wife’s defense… it was before she had her coffee.