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ATT Uverse – Smart Technology for Today

ATT Uverse is smart technology. With their Total Home DVR, you can record up to 4 tv shows at once and stream anywhere on multiple devices. Internet speeds are competitive at 6 MBPS. Now you can save money on select bundles that bring all the broadband services in your home together and enjoy an in home wireless network. You will marvel at the speed for the internet, the clearness of your television picture, and the clarity on your telephone sound. These services all work together, and there has never been a better time to order with cash back on select bundles. ATT Uverse is the most intelligent choice you can make for your internet dollar. These offers are available online only for a limited time, so hurry!

How To Avoid Overheating Your Laptop

A laptop that’s overheated can cause several processes from running correctly, which can mean a reduction in the quality of your machine. If you conduct business on your laptop, overheating can result in costly downtime that directly affects your income.

There are several simple solutions that can be applied at no additional cost that can keep your laptop running at its optimal and expected speed.

How You Use It

Do you place your laptop on hard or soft surfaces? This can make a big difference to the internal temperature of your machine. Using your laptop by placing it on a cushion will cause the heat to become trapped in the cushion, as well as cause the airflow to be obstructed.

How Long You Leave It On

Laptops, just like personal computers, aren’t meant to be on around the clock. Your machine needs time to cool off, and an easy way to allow it to do this is to place it in standby mode when you aren’t using it. Not only will this save power, but it will also result in less heat being released from your laptop.


Although laptops are the enclosed and mobile form of a personal computer, they still do need cleaning. Dirt will build up on and in the air vents of a laptop, and so regular cleaning is definitely necessary. The dust can be removed with a small electric cleaner which can be found online or at your local office supply store, or you can purchase a can of compressed air that’s been made especially for cleaning electronics.

Cartoon Avatars are Popular on the Internet

Here’s a fun fact about what we’re doing on the internet. Many of us are using cartoon avatars instead of our own pictures when we are engaging in social networking. For those who have fears about privacy, this is a fun way to show something of your personality while not posting a photo.  Cartoon avatars are often easier to upload than regular photos, which need to be cropped and sized.  One of the most popular series of avatars at the moment is from AMC’s popular show Mad Men, and the avatars that can be custom created as a game.  In fact, there are some artists who will actually create an avatar of you after viewing your photo or chatting with you via a face time app or a webcam.  With the tremendous popularity of facebook and all that we do in our spare time with a high speed internet connection, it is sure that our capacity for having fun with ourselves will only increase!

The Truth About Internet Providers in My Area

Looking for internet providers in my area was more difficult than I thought.  There are so many advertisements on television and radio and seem to be about my neighborhood, but many of the providers don’t actually reach my specific neighborhood.  I found it was made easier when I was able to search for internet providers by zip code.  That made it much more precise.  I could then compare the plans side by side, and see how they stacked up for speed, price, and promotions.  I like bundles, since they really save money and deliver the better quality overall.  I was able to see if the major internet providers offered the same plans in my neighborhood that they offer elsewhere in my city, and check out specials for new customers.  For me, speed is everything, so it helped to see how the plans that had top speeds featured were priced, and how they were bundled.

Broadband Internet Penetration

Worldwide high speed internet subscribers increased up to 410.9 million. Regardless of the economic downturn, the numbers for the subscribers still rises up to 3.47 per cent on the last 2 quarters of 2008. The research conducted by Point Topic showed that, Western Europe leads the continental penetration at 25 percent, followed by North America at 21 percent and South and East Asia at 15 percent. In terms of the number of subscribers, China and the USA are leading the way followed by Japan. In terms of the most popular internet connection, DSL (ADSL, SDSL) is currently on the lead and the most popular option.